Does 3D imaging (Vectra) take into account a lift?

I am sure scars and stuff are asking a little much, but does the imaging take into account lifts or just implants, size and shape?

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Can 3D breast imaging for breast augmentation, also show the results of a breast lift or mastopexy with Vectra or Crisalix?

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I do not have experience with Vectra but I do have over 3 years of experience with Crisalix.  Crisalix is similar but it is ipad based so it doesn't have the big bulky equipment involved and it is much more portable.  It has now been upgraded with an attached 3D scanner so that it can really show topographical data.  This allows us to subtract, add or change the tissue in addition to implant styles.  The mastopexy or breast lift applications are pretty good for giving a picture of what you may look like with an augmentation and mastopexy.  It allows you to try on different implant sizes and styles to see what you may look like after surgery.  You can even subtract, so if you currently have a 500 cc implant, then the system will remove the implant volume and it would allow you to try on different implant styles and sizes.  It can even be used to see what other surgeries look like such as a breast reduction or mastectomy.  This is truly amazing! 
The best part is now there are now virtual reality (VR) goggles that put you in a virtual room.  You can look yourself with your future augmentation in multiple mirrors in the virtual room.  You can even look down at yourself to see what you look like with your augmentation. With the switch of a button you can increase or decrease your size while you are looking down at yourself!  My patients have loved this and it has streamlined sizing.  I always remind my patients that this is for fun only but it is a blast to see their responses.   Truly revolutionary!

Vectra 3D Imaging

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The Vectra 3D Imaging system can help you to visualize several different avenues of results. Regarding breasts surgery this would include a breast augmentation (implants only), mastopexy (breast lift) with implants or just the mastopexy by itself.  For the mastopexy you will be able to visualize the scar pattern for a simulation of what to expect post surgery.  This technology will also allow you to visualize different implant sizes therefore assisting you and your surgeon to make the best decision together.

Vectra 3D for simulating augmentation and lifts.

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The Vectra 3D machine has software that can simulate three types of lifts.  Periareolar, Vertical Mastopexy and a full Wise pattern breast lift.  It does take some experience with the software to know how to use it properly.  it can simulate how a breast lift may look with or without breast implants.  Patients find it helpful to see results before the surgery. 

Vectra 3-D

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The answer is that the Vectra is an excellent tool for augmentation alone. The computer does have a lift function, but I have not found it as useful or realistic. I assume that it will get better with time. Good luck!

Vectra 3D imaging

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No, the Vectra 3D imaging does not typically take into account lift. 3D software typically shows breast augmentation sizes correlating to the chosen implant cc value. It also does not show any scars received from the surgery. 

Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

3D imaging and Breast surgery

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hiThanks for your question.3D imaging is a great advance to allow pts to preview their results. I am not familiar with Vectra but there is new system which you can see in the video below and this does allow simulation of a lift as well as the implant size and shape. Even better is that it can be previewed in virtual reality and many of my patients have found this to be very helpful. 
Best wishes 

Does 3D imaging (Vectra) take into account a lift?

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Thank you for your question. Typically Vectra is used to demonstrate augmentation only. 
Hope this helps!

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