4 surgeries later. What went wrong? 42 yrs old 5/4 170 36a got my 1st BA saline. 400cc lft and right 450cc in May 2013 (Photo)

Than Sept 2014 lft ruptured removed replaced. Aug 2015 Right deflation removed replaced. June 2016 left ruptured again next month July 2016 right deflation again. . My husband suddenly passed in Sept 2015 I was under a lot of stress My Dr said never in 30 years did she ever see this. On Friday 10-21-16 decided to remove and replace and go with Smooth Moderate Round Plus profile 350cc left and 300cc right. I have lost weight I'm 154. It's day 3 post. I have gone thru so much what happened?

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Rupture is certainly uncommon that frequently

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Thanks for your question and the photos. I'm sorry for all your frustrations with the saline implants deflating. I agree that silicone is a far better implant choice for a variety of reasons. I can't give you any good reason that your weight would have dropped so precipitously. I can only question the scale used. It's almost impossible in 3 days so I don't have any good answers for that. Best of Luck!

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Deflation of saline breast implants

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I am so sorry to hear that you have had multiple deflations.  Like your surgeon, I have never had a patient with such frequent and early deflations.  If you continue to choose saline implants, it can be helpful for your surgeon to 'overfill' the implants to the manufacturers standards.  Saline implants come with a range of fill volume (the number of cc's that a surgeon can use to fill the implant).  For example, a 350cc saline implant may be listed as having a nominal (or minimal) volume of 350 with a maximal fill volume of 400cc.  Filling the implant to a higher (but still allowed) volume can minimize the infolding of the edge of the implant and keep the implant shell stronger longer.  Unhappiness with the saline deflation issue is one reason some women are choosing silicone implants.

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