6 weeks post-op donut lift with breast implants behind muscle - still droopy. (photos)

I would like to know if breast implant will drop more into lower pole . Spoke with ps and states will have to do lift in six months due to elastic skin . Also when breast so soft after 6 weeks is that normal . It doesn't feel like implant is there .
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Limiting breast scars in breast lift, breast augmentation

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Dear Taient,
The donut breast lift operation only lifts the nipple 1-2cm.  It is apparent from your photos that a much greater lift was needed.  The implants will descend somewhat from their current position, but will not likely ever be centered behind the nipples.  Sometimes in an effort to minimize the scarring on the breast, whether by patient request or surgeon desire, the procedure falls short of obtaining a good lift.  Good luck!      

Breast Implants - droopy results

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The answer is related to the droop your breast had prior to surgery and the size of implant chosen.  In my practice I warn patients who have elements of "sagginess" the risk of a requiring a breast lift to have their implant appearing centered on their breast.  We carefully chose the implant and the operation (including the lift) to minimize disappointment in the outcome OR we purposely delay the decision on the lift until about 6 to 9 months fully knowing it will take that long to fully settle.  Best Wishes!!

A doughnut mastopexy is not a good operation for true ptosis of the breast.

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The areola belongs above the infra mammary fold. A doughnut mastopexy can not accomplish this. If the breasts are significantly ptotic.

6 weeks post-op donut lift with breast implants behind muscle - still droopy.

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It is obvious that you needed a full lift NOT a donut lift! Did you refuse the full lift due to scarring issues??? 

Breast lift

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You appear to have moderate breast ptosis or droop. In this case, a lollipop or inverted T incision works better in lifting your breast. All the best.

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift

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You appear to have moderate ptosis and thus require a more powerful lift. A circumvertical or shorter inverted T is what you need. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Drooping breast after lift

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A donout mastopexy is an effective way to lift a breast if the nipple doesn't have to move very far.  It would appear in your case that the nipple still has a ways to go to get it situated over the breast mound properly.  Expecting that the implant will drop into the lower pole of the breast now might not be realistic.  
I would recommend that you return to your surgeon and share your concerns.  There are additional techniques that he/she might want to consider to provide you with the best possible outcome.
Douglas Hargrave,MD

Breast lift

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It looks like you would might have been better off with a more formal lift. A vertical lift may be just the right procedure or an inerted "T" type lift.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift needed

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I agree that a second lift, in this case a vertical lift, will be needed to position your areola over the anterior surface of your implant.  The other option of allowing the implant to drop may result in a ptotic breast that is usually not desired. 

Mastopexy is inadequate

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Thank you for your pictures.  A doughnut mastopexy will not improve your breast shape. You need at least a lollipop lift and possibly a anchor lift to achieve nice breast shape and size

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