Pain, Burning, Hardness and Indentation 10 Months Post FTT, What's Going On? (photo)

Since about the 3rd month I have noticed a very subtle hardening above my belly button. Seems like its the muscle. My upper mid-line feels like the muscle is separated (I know that's impossible but that's the best way to describe) It also dips in. Seems like the muscle is soooo thing. I have pain, burning and, tingling that is intermittent. I brought up the issue with my PS but he said it's fine. I don't trust anything he says. Any idea what's going on?? In the pics you can see the pitting.

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Find a surgeon you can trust

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If you "don't trust anything he says" I would highly recommend you find another board certified plastic surgeon you can trust. 

It's difficult to see the concern you have regarding your results and the pain you're experiencing. An inperson consultation would be more effective at helping you.

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Pain, Burning, Indentation after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you good advice regarding your situation without careful in person examination.  Online consultation will only provide you with speculation and potentially confuse you more than being beneficial.

Given your description of your trust level with your plastic surgeon, a second opinion may be useful to you.  Find a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in your area and call for a consultation.

Best wishes.

Hardening above my belly button (photos)

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The most poignant part of your question, you "don't trust anything he says."  This is a doctor that opened you up while you were asleep, rearranged your body parts, and, judging from the photos, put you back together better than you were before surgery.  Of course, we online surgeons are more trustworthy and knowledgeable about your case than the surgeon who was there... or are we?  Please understand that any and all problems you are having are best understood by the operating surgeon, because he knows your history better than anyone online.  Also understand that physical examination is irreplaceable in the diagnosis of post surgical problems.  If the subtle hardening above your belly button is persistent or worsening, it may be a suture, sutures, foreign body reaction related to the sutures, fibrosis, or another problem.  Pain, burning, and dysesthesias (tingling) are not uncommon after tummy tuck.  These neurological sequelae may or may not resolve in time, and should be treated symptomatically by adjusting your activity, using analgesics, warm compresses, etc.  If the pain is localized, it may be a neuroma that is treatable.  All of these possibilities really are best sorted out by the operating surgeon.

Steve Laverson, MD
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