Worried I've Had my Nose Shape Changed for the Worst! When Will I Know For Sure?

I had ryno done 3 weeks ago to correct a bump to the nose (right side of bridge)- my surgeon said i have what is described as a 'flat top' nose & to get rid of the bump he would have to rasp the nose each side of the bridge so they matched creating a more curved appearance, because my nose is quite wide the roundness/curved shape to the bridge has left my nose looking even wider and shapeless and uneven from the front -could this wide front shape be down to swelling? options moving forward pls??

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Bridge is flat and wide after rhinoplasty

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If the hump is reduced without a proper infracture the nose will appear wider than before. The effect is like taking the top off a triangle. Rasping the sides may not be as good an option as infracture, but only a careful exam will tell.

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Flat nose

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A flat nose can develop when rasping is performed and the nasal bones are not brought in to recreate the gentl triangular shape of the nose.  Hard to say without pre and post photos.

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Flat top nsoe

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It's really hard to tell without seeing photos. i'm going to guess though that unless bone and/or cartilage was removed from the "flat" part of the bridge, and lateral osteotomies were made to close the open roof, that your nose would not appear more narrow. You'd be better off discussing with your surgeon.

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