Can the Mona Lisa procedure work if a Barthalain gland has been removed?

Can the procedure work if your Barthalian gland was removed due to a cyst on the right side of the vagina.

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MonaLisa, FemiLift, noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation OK after Bartholin gland removal

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Removal of a bartholin gland or any previous vaginal surgery for that matter does not affect the performance or safety of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with MonaLisa, FemiLift, IntimaLase, ThermiVa or any other technology with the exception of mesh implants.

Will the Mona Lisa Procedure work on a removed bartholins gland

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The answer is yes.  It does not matter if you have a minor surgery in that area. There might be some slight scar tissue in the area but it should not be a problem. So go ahead and get your procedure done. I promise it will give you your life back.

Effect of Bartholins cystectomy on Laser or RF vulvo-vaginal procedures

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Marsupializing or removing your Bartholins duct/gland will have no effect whatsoever (positive or negative) on either a Mona Lisa, FemiLift, or ThermiVa procedure.


Michael P Goodman MD

MLT and history of bartholyns duct cyst removal

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There should not be any problem having a good outcome from having had a Bartholyns duct cysts removal and having the Mona Lisa Touch procedure. I have done many MLT procedures in patients who have had bartholyns duct cysts. All with good outcomes.
Good luck

Peter D. Weiss, MD
Beverly Hills OB/GYN

Post bartholin cyst

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The Mona Lisa Touch can definitely be done after treatment of a bartholin cyst. The design with the Deka Pulse targets the very superficial layers of the vaginal mucosa and doesn't approach the depth of the bartholin gland. Recommendation is to make sure you are up to date with your gynecology exam.  If you are suffering the symptoms of vaginal dryness, have confidence the Mona Lisa Touch works.  

No Bartholin gland

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 Hello. Thank you for your question. The Mona Lisa and other devices such as ThermiVa  can still help with issues in the vagina despite the lack of a Bartholin gland. Their technology does not depend on the presence of that gland. Best wishes 
~Dr. Poucher 

Both are unrelated

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The Bartholin's gland is on your vulva, just outside of your vaginal canal. If it was removed it shouldn't be causing you any symptoms and certainly nothing that the MLT would help you with.
The MLT is marketed for painful sex due to vaginal atrophy from menopause. It is not intended to treat the outside of the vagina.

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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