My scalp skin hurts there is a strange sensation it could be a burning sensation and my hair is falling out a lot?

I live is russia at the moment , and I don’t really speak the language , a few month back I went to a dermatologist , she did a blood analysis , basically she gave me a 5% minoxidil spary and tablets and a shampoo and forbid coffee and black tea, I felt somewhat better for a while and its back again ? also : my scalp is too greasy (not sure if its always been) , and it hurts more what I have longer hair , and by long I mean like an inch . (its short now , still hurt and falling out )

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My scalp skin hurts

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There are so many potential causes of what you are experiencing. In order to provide a diagnosis, your scalp needs to be examined up close. See a dermatologist. If not improving, a biopsy can be considered. 

Potential causes of what you describe include:

1) Seborrheic dermatitis. 2) Psoriasis   3) Scarring alopecias  4) Other inflammatory diseases   5) "Red Scalp Syndrome"  6) Irritation   7) Allergy to Shampoos, hair dyes and even some cosmetic products   8) Infection  9) Alopecia areata    10) Scalp Injury and Trauma    11) Sun damage   12) Cancers


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