Rhinoplasty: got accidentally on my nose the same day after removing stitches.

After I came back home from my doctor who removed my stitches and everything else on 10th day after rhinoplasty, I got accidentally hit on my nose by my macaw parrots wing when he was flying to close to my face. I felt a little discomfort when he was hitting it but then I didnt feel any pain after and my nose didnt seem to change its shape. Im very scared that something might happen from this in the future to my nose, plz help!

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Recovering from rhinoplasty and minor bumps

Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Along the way there may be minor bumps to the nose. If there is no bleeding or swelling or pain, it is unlikely you did any damage. If there is any concern, I would recommend that you return to your surgeon so they may evaluate your nose. Safety comes first. 

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Macaw parrot injury

It sounds from what you are describing that the macaw has not done any harm to your nose as long as you have not noticed any significant swelling or change in shape

Obviously check in person with your surgeon if concerned

Nasal trauma after rhinoplasty

Sorry to read that you are scared. The good news is that in the majority of cases, everything will be fine. If you bump your nose and have no pain and no structural change - then you have little to worry about. If you have any concerns, you can always go see your surgeon. Best of luck with the rest of your recovery.

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