Will a Ruptured Silicone Implant Hurt and Continue to Hurt?

i experenced a heavy force to my chest and heard a pop. my ribs don't hurt so was wondering if an implant could have ruptured. the breast that took the blunt force is hurting and continuing to be painful. Are ruptured implants suppose to hurt? Thanks!

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In my experience with over 2000 explantations, ruptures lead to a burning discomfort due to cytokine release and eventual biofilm infection, burning and discomfort in the axilla (armpit) due to silicone enlarged lymph nodes, numbess and tingling of the upper extremity due to neurological issue from toxicity near the brachial plexsus.  Also, fibromyalgia, endocrine problems, immune problems and other neurological problems (ie. one peer reviewed paper reported that 82% had balance problems).  Take a look at the symptoms in the Dow Corning settlement for other problems that silicone implants are associated with.

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Rupture implant and pain

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A rupture implant in an of itself should not hurt but you may be experiencing discomfort secondary to the trauma that you sustained.  You should get looked at by a doctor.

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Can ruptured implants be painful

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If you are experiencing pain after trauma to your chest you see your physician and or plastic surgeon. You could have injured not only the implant, but your chest wall (rib cage, muscles, etc.)  A ruptured saline implant is usually obvious to detect whereas a silicone implant requires an MRI to accurately diagnose.

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Blunt Force Causing Rupture

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I think it would be a very good idea to see a Plastic Surgeon to see if anything happened your breast implant. The impact could have harmed your implant but the only person that would be ble to determine that would be a doctor. It is best to see someone sooner rather than later to make sure you're taken care of. Best of Luck!

Miguel Delgado, MD
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