Ruptured PIP Implants and Apparent Infiltrated Lymph Node in Right Axila. Will Lymph Node Need To Be Removed?

I have PIP implants 4 yrs old and both are ruptured. right axilla has a hyperechoic area 22x17x26mm with snowstorm apearence, suggestive of lymph node containing silicone and adjacent smaller similar lesion in this region. PS not refering for further testing, having implants removed (not sure if replaced). My concern: should lymph node be removed or what could be done to pass silicone on/out? These implants have industrial grade silcone & oils so long term health affects no known. Please help!

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Ruptured PIP implants

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There are several issues to address: 1) Both the PIP implants and the scar tissue around them should be removed (total capsulectomy) to get rid of as much local silicone gel and contaminents as possible.  2) It is your choice to have the implants replaced at the time, wait till a later date for replacing them, or not replace them at all. 3) It is common for axillary lymph nodes to collect silicone from ruptured implants. It does not necessarilly need to be removed, but you may want to have it done since so much is unkown about the PIP gel.  Good luck.

Maui Plastic Surgeon

Ruptured PIP implant

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The PIP implants and the capsule definitely need to be removed.  I would not remove the lymph node as it is not associated with any disease state.  

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