​I have ruptured saline implant under the muscle. Would silicone implant under the muscle be the best option for me? (photo)

Is Silicone preferred currently?should thin skin go Under muscle? Is waiting risky with deflated implant of saline? Case is a ruptured left implant under muscle implants. History of mastopexy with replacement following Sinking of first over muscle AUGMENT. Any risk to wait a month for replacement silicone implants? Help thx

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Replacement as soon as possible is recommended.

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Generally speaking, it’s always better to replace a faulty implant sooner rather than later. That being said, one of the reasons saline works so well for implants is because the body typically absorbs it harmlessly if there is a leak. However, delaying replacement can affect the size of the implant pocket (it will start collapsing), so a more involved surgery may be required when you do decide to proceed with the replacement. To answer your other question: Yes, silicone implants under the muscle are currently the preferred option. The texture is much more like natural breast tissue, which is especially important for women with thin skin and little breast tissue coverage.

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​I have ruptured saline implant under the muscle. Would silicone implant under the muscle be the best option for me?

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The longer that time elapses from when you first notice the deflation, the higher the cahnces that the capsule will contract. The actual deflated implant does not represent a risk. I have had patients who have waited as long as 6 months before undergoing a breast implant exchang.

Looks to me like you will also need a lift. I don't know when you had your original surgery but it seems it was awhile ago. I would definitely change to silicone. Good luck

Replacing ruptured saline breast implant

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There is no danger in waiting to replace your deflated saline implant with a silicone implant. However, you may want to have your right saline implant deflated as well so that your skin can begin to retract at the same rate as your left breast. This will make it easier or less problematic to perform a mastopexy afterwards. 
I personally, prefer silicone gel implants.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Gary Horndeski M.D.

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Silicone exchange for saline

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The choice of silicone vs saline is yours. Usually waiting a few weeks is ok to replace them. A mastopexy is a good idea if the breasts sag.

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Leaking saline implant

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Saline filled and silicone gel filled implants each have their pros and cons; however, in my practice I recommend silicone implants; a small percentage of patients still do choose saline implants.  You are not in danger by waiting to replace your implants. 

​I have ruptured saline implant under the muscle. Would silicone implant under the muscle be the best option for m

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If only 1 month delay than could be OK. Have you seen a boarded Plastic Surgeon yet in Miami??? But DO NOT delay more than 30 days.. Also you might have a warranty from the implant company... 

Ruptured implant

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Silicone us a good choice to replace the ruptured one, but don't eliminate saline all together. Silicone is usually preferred, but if you were happy with saline it can still be used. Silicone holds it's shape better and is softer to touch but is more expensive. Definately stay under the muscle for better coverage. There is not danger in waiting.

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Replace saline for silicone

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Thank you for your picture. I believe replacement for silicone implants would be a good option for you. It may be okay to wait as long as your current ruptured implants do not cause you pain or infection. I would probably also recommend repeating of your mastopexy at the same time of replacement of your ruptured implants. Good luck.

Replacing ruptured saline implant

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There is no risk in waiting.  It would be best to stay in the subpectoral plane or underneath the muscle with the new implant.  This cuts down on capsule formation and implant visibility/palpability.  You could go saline or silicone, although silicone will feel more natural. 

Silicone implants a good option to replace deflated saline

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Many patients report that silicone implants feel more natural than saline, which is one reason why more than 90% of may patients now choose silicone. There will be some tissue shrinkage around a deflation so I would not wait months to replace, but a few weeks should be ok. If there is going to be a longer delay, consider having the opposite side deflated (this can be done in the office) so the breasts will be the same.

Richard Baxter, MD
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