Ruptured 13 Year Old Implant Has Deflated. Is This What I'll Look Like After Explant?

I have saline implants that are 13 years old. My right one has ruptured and deflated. I have an appointment to have them removed, but my question is this: The right one that has deflated and actually looks pretty good and has a nice shape, just less volume. Could this be a good indicator of what I will look like in a few month after?

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Appearance after Implant removal

Actually you are having a pretty good preview of what your breast would look like after removal of the implants.   it does take a while for the implants to deflate and there is some volume from the implant shell itself but   overall you are getting a preview.  One thought might be to have your plastic surgeon deflate the second implant in the office to allow the second breast to "catch" up with the appearance of the first breast and then when everything has settled down  you can have both  of the deflated implants removed. 

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