Rupture and Deflation in Left Breast Now Causing Itching and Numbness in Breast

I have 17 yr old saline implants, one has completely deflated after being jumped on by my dog a week and a half ago. Now for 2 days I have itching which I cannot stop and a numb dead feeling in the lower part of the breast. What could be happening? In Georgia......

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Numbness and itching of the breast

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Itching is typically a sign of healing. It is likely due to healing of the tissues inside your breast following rupture of your implant. The rupture has allowed the tissues that were apart to come together and heal. Numbness is likely secondary to the sensory nerves in the breast area which have gone into a temporary paralysis phase as the pressure changes occuring in your breast. The breast implant that has ruptured is no longer pushing on your nerves like it used to. Either way, you need to fix your breasts as soon as possible.

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Rupture and Deflation in Left Breast Now Causing Itching and Numbness in Breast

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17 years is a nice long run with saline implants! Saline can deflate at any time but most patients start to worry around the 10 year mark. I would recommend removing your old saline implants and replacing them with silicone gel implants. There is no need for an ultrasound or refilling them, just no point. Go see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and go from there.
Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and great reviews in your procedure.

Saline Implant Rupture

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The rupture you describe is unfortunate.  The symptoms that you describe are likely not from the rupture and may just be coincidental.  However, it is important that you see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation to discuss treatment options.


Best of Luck.

Evaluation by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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I would suggest that your contact a local reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns and learn about the treatment options available. . I would think your symptoms are not related however I would have it checked out. Best wishes!

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Deflated Saline Breast Implants Can Cause Unusual Sensations In The Breast

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While most deflations of saline breast implants are asymptomatic, some patients do occasionally report 'funny feelings' around the time of the event. Your itching symptoms are most likely related to the implant collapse and could be the surrounding scar capsule shrinking due to lack of support from the underlying implant. Regardless of its cause, it is not a medical concern and I would get the implant replaced as soon as possible.

17 year old saline implants

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The itching is likely as a result of an inflammatory reaction that is occurring as a result of the deflation and the internal tissues collapsing onto one another. Sounds somewhat dramatic but the tissues kind of "cramping" each other's space because of the lack of support that the previous implant provided. This will alter the sensation and cause itching in the area. The collapsed implant will also develop corners on it. You should replace them for a new pair and consider silicone, there's been many advances over the past 17 years in silicone implants that you may be interested in hearing.

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Implant deflation

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It is unlikely that your saline implant deflation is causing your symptoms.  I would recommend you visit with an area board certified plastic surgeon to have your ruptured implants replaced with either new saline or silicone gel implants.

Numbness and itching

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It's hard to imagine that the numbness and itching are from your rupture (although not impossible) - they are more likely related to your injury from your dog.  There is no medical problem with ruptured implants so you do not HAVE to have them replaced but you would need another surgery if you wanted new implants to fill the volume of the old ones.  Good luck!

Rupture and Deflation in Left Breast Now Causing Itching and Numbness in Breast

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Your symptoms are worrisome but most likely unrelated. But why wait get removal/replacement surgery ASAP. If your symptoms disappear than we solved your issue. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

Dealing with Deflated 17 year old Saline Breast Implants

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Breast Implants are engineered to take a lot of abuse for long periods of time but eventually all implants leak. Owing to tens of thousands of contraction and expansion seen in breathing, jogging and other chest movements, the shell of the implant weakens so a minor trauma can cause leaking.

Unless you have Kujo Jr., being jumped by a dog will not deflate a new breast implant. The fact that your dog deflated the implant suggests that if it was not the dog it would have been another minor event. Deflation is NOT associated with nerve injury BUT the nerves supplying sensation to the breast are along the lateral side of the implant and a sudden push of the implants, as in a blow, MAY cause a traction injury and numbness.

You need to decide if you want to remain flat or if you want the implants exchanged.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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