Rupture of Abdominal Muscles?

After my c section delivery I was sitting myself up in bed when I felt a popping at the top of my abdomen. There was not a lot of pain just an odd sensation. Since then I have had problems with my stomach returning to normal and still looking 4 months pregnant. What likely caused this and can it be fixed. The area under my breastbone feels flat and hollow to touch. Thank you for your advise as I am very worried it is something serious. I am six months postpartum.

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Abdominal muscles

Hi there Stephanie,


It is really hard to make an assessment without examining you or seeing some photos.

Its unlikely you have done anything serious, but worthwhile seeing your OBGYN or family physician as a starting point.

It is not uncommon after pregnancy for the abdominal muscles to separate - this is called a divarication. It is something that is commonly repaired as part of a tummy tuck procedure.

Doing some pilates or other core strength work may help a bit, but if the separation is wide then you may need to have the muscles repaired.

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Abdominal muscle rupture

It does sound like you either have separation of the muscles or even a definite hernis. You need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to make the diagnosis and advise treatment as needed.

John P. Stratis, MD
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Rupture of Abdominal Muscles?

It is not uncommon after pregnancy for the rectus muscles to separate some, causing laxity in the abdominal wall and a look of being pregnant. The pop you heard or felt probably has no bearing on this. This can be diagnoses by your OB or by a plastic surgeon. Usual treatment is tummy tuck with muscle repair, and this is best done after you plan no more pregnancies.

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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