Could running have caused my incision to open? (photo)

I had periareolar breast augmentation exactly 6 weeks ago. I went for a run for the first time today and now my incision is open a few mm, is bloody and there is a stitch sticking out. I'm afraid my doctor won't be able to see me tomorrow because she's in surgery. Can this wait and did running cause this? Should I start an antibiotic?

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Looks like a minor wound dehiscence and yes running probably caused it but it would have been impossible to predict so you did nothing wrong. Just keep it clean with soap and water and an antibiotic ointment it cant be restitched and it will heal on its own

Could running have caused my incision to open?

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Best to just wait til she is out from surgery to be seen.. Maybe running might be a cause. But you need to be seen even if in between her surgeries!

It will be fine

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You have minor incision opening and will heal by itself. You can wait till next week to see your surgeon.

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New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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