Do I run the risk of getting more cellulite after the procedure 'runs out its effectiveness period'?

I'm afraid of having worst cellulite after effectiveness process of the procedure runs out. This happened to me after I did VelaShape, even tho I follow a very strict diet and exercise routine EVERY DAY (and drink tons of water). My cellulite came back deeper in some parts; and worst, the skin around my tights now show something that looks like black patches. Kinda like my epidermis is clotted/coagulated under my skin.

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Velashape and post procedure expectations - Buffalo Niagara, NY

Looks like you are doing the right things but cellulite can't be controlled by diet modification. It seems to be a genetic predisposition which is exacerbated by fat deposition which affects the skin causing the characteristic puckering that no one likes. 

Velashape III works very well and we have not seen what you are describing with any of the patients we have treated in our large experience. 

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I recommend the V-Shape Laser

I recommend consulting with your doctor about the V-Shape laser; this radio frequency device will tighten the skin giving it a smoother appearance. Follow up with your doctor to determine if the V-Shape is the best option for you. Good luck!

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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