Can Rubbing Eyes Cause Broken Capularies?

I have very bad allergies in the summer and normally rub my eyes very roughly. I know you can have dark circles from the primary veins running around your eye but it seems like I have tons of tiny veins on the surface. The texture and color around where I rub my skin is different (rougher and darker). Are there any treatments to remove these veins/repair skin this close to the eye? It's very depressing walking around as is and I can't seem to find anybody similar.

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Broken capillaries in eyelid skin

That's a very good question. Hypothetically speaking constant rubbing may cause those smaller vessels to release some blood into the skin or histamine from the vessels and contributing to the darker appearance of the skin. This is very common in folks with allergies. Control of allergy symptoms can help to alleviate that to some extent. I have found that washing the eyelids with baby shampoo and using aveeno seems to help. Secondly, treatment of eyelid vessels can be difficult since shields over the eyes themselves would be required and it is sometimes difficult to tolerate during awake treatments. Also, the eyelid skin is thinner and lower powers with the laser must be used to treat those vessels and depending upon their depth they may not respond. I hope this information helps.

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