Had Lower Eye Bag Surgery, Now Eyelids are off Centered and One Looks Bigger than the Other. Options?

had rt lower bag surgery eye is now slightly off centered lower lid doesn't meet top at night when I sleep and lid dropped more lower white exposed makes one eye bigger than the other hve you seen these side affects before

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Off centererd eyelids are a common complication with eyelid surgery

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That’s a very common complication after eyelid surgery.  And, we do see that especially when the skin is removed.  Often further surgery is necessary and this can be very frustrating for patients.  Sometimes filler can help.

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Lower eyelid lag or malposition after surgery

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It sounds like you have lower eyelid lag also called malposition or scleral show. This is not uncommon after lower eyelid surgery and can be temporary or permanent. Sometimes your body forms scar tissue that pulls the eyelid down. This can be addressed by message or traction measures employed by your surgeon during an office visit to break up the scar. This works especially well if the malposition was not present right after surgery but developed some weeks afterward and if performed within a month or so of surgery. More severe forms of malposition or those due to over aggressive removal of skin may require additional surgery

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Had lower eyelid surgery and now one eye is smaller.

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 Lower eyelid surgery can be performed using an incision on the inside of the lower eyelid or through the skin of the lower eyelid.  The latter, can cause lower eyelid malposition (what you describe) which makes the inner and outer corners of the eye come closer together making the eye appear smaller.  You may wish to discuss this with your surgeon and ask for suggestions to treat the eyelid malposition if it exists.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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