Issues with permanent bridge. Whom should I consult? (photos)

I had a 6 unit all ceramic front bridge placed ( 4 missing front teeth due to an accident, canines used as support) . I am having some problems with the permanent-1) sharp inside edges 2) bridge feels bulky 3) tongue movement restricted. Feels that the bridge is blocking the normal movement of the tongue 4) bridge feels a little tight esp on the canines .Can these issues be sorted out with minor adjustments? I have moved recently so can't go back to my dentist. Whom should I consult?

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Finding a new dentist

There are a few methods to find a new dentist after moving

1. If you trust your previous dentist, ask if they know someone in your new hometown. 

2.  If you have a good friend in town, ask them if they are happy with their dentist. 

3.  Call your insurance (if applicable) for a list of in-network providers.  

4.  Contact the local dental society and ask for a list of recommended dentists. 

5.  Google

Good luck 

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