Is it safe to have a ResurFX Treatment one day before having oral surgery?

My aesthetician had to reschedule my Resurfx treatment for next week, the day before I am scheduled to have oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed. After surgery I will have prescriptions to take, including the antibiotic Pen VK 500mg, a corticosteroid, Decadron .75mg, and pain relievers, Motrin 600 mg and Norco 7.5/325. The Resurfx paperwork I received said that I have to wait 5 days after I finish an antibiotic, but it didn't say anything about starting antibiotics after having Resurfx.

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ResurFx treatments

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Not sure why would have to time a ResurFx treatment around antibiotics.  You should be fine to take antibiotics before, during or after your ResurFx treatment.  The antibiotics will not affect your treatment in any way.  If you have your ResurFx treatment the day before your oral surgery, you will likely be swollen and not want to undergo another procedure so something to consider.  Best of luck!

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