Did I damage my mini tummy tuck by dancing?

I had a mini tummy tuck a week ago and I've been feeling great! I've been able to walk normally and do my day to day acrivities with ease. Yesterday i had an event and I did some dancing, today my stomach feels soar and it looks a little swollen. My muscles were not touched during the surgery. I'm worried I've done some damage! Is it possible I did? What do you recommend that I do?

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Swelling after a Mini Tummy Tuck

My patients are instructed not to do any cardio type activities (this includes dancing) for three weeks after surgery.  This type of activity can produce fluid that accumulates under the skin.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon because, if you have fluid, he/she can aspirate this which will allow for faster healing and a better result.  Also, if you were instructed to wear a compression garment or a binder, please follow your doctors's instructions.

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Dancing and mini tummy tuck

Dear Renee,

   Front and side view pictures would have been helpful. In my practice, after mini or full, skin only,  tummy tuck, patients are instructed to avoid any physical activity (except walking) for 3 weeks, in order to allow speedy healing of the wound. They also wear Velcro abdominal binder for support.

   Your dancing could have disrupted the skin attachment to the underlying muscle, which could cause hematoma or seroma. These will need to be aspirated or evacuated, depend on the severity of the swelling. Since you describe only mild swelling, an abdominal binder, most likely,  will suffice. However, call your doctor'd office and ask to be seem asap, to rule out the above mentioned problems.

                     Best of luck,

                                        Dr Widder

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Muscle damage?

Hello, based on your description it's not possible to tell whether there has been an injury or just minor aches and pains.  If your symptoms persist you would need to contact your plastic surgeon.

William Andrade, MD
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Dirty dancing?

You need to contact your surgeon.  Your swelling could be a seroma or hematoma.  That would need to be drained promptly.

Richard Zienowicz, MD
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