Roux En Y in 2000. Having Trouble Losing Weight After Pregnancy. Can I Have a Revision?

I had my surgery (roux en y) in 2000. I have had 2 children since and have had a really hard time losing weight. Am I able to have my pouch "redone"?

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Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass and Revision Surgery

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At least 20 - 30% of patients that under gastric bypass surgery will experience weight regain.  This is most commonly caused by stretching of your gastric bypass or stoma which is the connection between the stomach and small intestines.  The best option for significant weight regain is placing an adjustable gastric band around your gastric bypass.  This will create a new small pouch and control the flow of food through your pouch long-term and can be adjusted at any point based on weight loss or regain.  Stomaphyx doesn't work and you should avoid any surgeons that recommend this procedure.  The ROSE procedure is an option only for patient that have regained a little weight.

Weight Regain after Bariatric Surgery

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The number one reason why people regain weight after bariatric surgery is a return to poor eating and exercise habits. The second reason why people regain weight is due to pouch expansion. First and foremost you must return to eating the proper bariatric diet and exercising. Revisional surgery can always help. There are many ways to revise a gastric bypass which include the Stomaphyx procedure, the Rose procedure, laparoscopic revision of the gastric pouch, placing a band around the bypass, or changing the gastric bypass to a more malabsorptive procedure like a distal gastric bypass. The most important thing is to find a bariatric surgeon that is experienced with all types of revisions.

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

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