Would a Few Rounds of IPLS in my 40s Be a Good Aging Preventer?

I am a light skinned light brunette, sunblock every day. Just want to keep it all as it is as much as possible without heavy treatments. My face is thin so I don't want to lose any volume...

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Intense Pulse Light is a great treatment option for pigmentation of the skin, redness, fine broken capillaries, age spots, etc.  IPL is not meant for fine lines and wrinkles.  

IPL is for color

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You should think of IPL as a treatment for color in the face.  It can eliminate unwanted redness or fine broken capillaries as well as many "sunspots" or brown lentigines on the face.  The overall effect of this is evening the skin color so it is not so splotchy.

IPL is not really a treatment for wrinkles or skin texture. It is a great treatment for many young women with some early signs of sun damage that don't require any treatment for loose, uneven skin texture or wrinkles.  Generally, about 4-6 treatments are required to get a substantial effect.  The true upside is that you can get some wonderful skin improvement without any visible healing time.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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