Rounding of the Tip During Healing - 7 Months Post Op?

I had a revision septorhinoplasty 7 months ago with a highly skilled surgeon. I am concerned that as the time went by the tip went from being chiselled, when the cast was removed, to being rounded. Instead of being refined, it appears to go in the opposite direction and round off. What are the possible causes of this phenomenon (collagen build up, scar tissues etc.) and how likely is it to go back to the chiselled shape it has once been when the cast was removed? Thank you.

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Will Nose Shape Improve After 7 Months?

Unfortunately, revision rhinoplasty surgeries are fraught with potential dangers, definitely including excess scar tissue formation.  If your nose looked chiseled and great in the first week or so, and then has changed to a more rounded, less well defined tip, you are probably correct in that scar tissue is the answer.  Scar tissue, especially in a rhinoplasty revision, tends not to go away.  This is definitely a problem to be discussed between you and your plastic surgeon. 

That being said, in my practice, I find the judicious use of very dilute solutions of corticosteroids, and then the application of well placed paper tape can often dissolve scar tissue and can revive the crisp edges you had early after surgery.  Scar tissue in secondary rhinoplasties are a problem for all plastic surgeons no matter what their skill level. 

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