Round or Tear Drop Silicone Gel Breast Implants? For Reconstruction Patient

breast cancer survivor w tissue expanders confused about what type of implant round or tear drop? My surgeon gave me great advice asked me to think more about pictures i brought with nice round bottom parts of breasts. I want a natural look but also want decent cleavage. id like not to always have to wear a bra. I'm hoping ill be a full C small D at the end doctor said with my skin I will probably have about a 550cc implant. I'm 5'7 130 thin person muscular build.

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How to tell what implant is best after mastectomy

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For this question, you will find as many answers as there are surgeons. But here are some guidelines:1. For size, you can tell your old size by looking at the pathology specimen weight. Also, look at your existing tissue expander fill as a guide. Most surgeons overfill slightly. 2. For style, standard textured implants tend to ripple more, and ALL shaped implants are textured - so if you are thin, this is often a bad option for you. 3. Smooth round generally work well with all breast types and are my basic go to implant, but are slightly more likely to leave a ledge at the top 4. The new Sientra and 410's (just approved by FDA) are great options for shaped and textured and ripple LESS than all implants; but are firmer and hold their shape in all positions. As you can see there are negatives and positives to each, but depending on your body type, some are better than others.

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Which breast implant after mastectomy?

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Round implants and "tear drop" ("form stable") implants can both provide very nice results after a mastectomy/tissue expander operation in the appropriate woman.  From your height and weight I would anticipate you would have a nice overall result either way.  Round implants are probably used more commonly than form stable implants but may not provide as much fullness toward the upper part of the breast as you might want.  Form stable implants might provide more fullness toward the top, but they might rotate and that would cause an odd look.   Cleavage is a different issue and in my experience the specific implant type may not make much difference there.  So, each type of implant has advantages and disadvantages.  Your surgeon can help you with this decision.  It's nice that you're finally reaching a point where you can get those darned expanders out!

Kelly R. Kunkel, MD
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Round or Tear Drop Implants

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    Smooth round silicone implants are still good options and are used by most plastic surgeons.  Form stable implants may be an option as well.  Remember that the tear drop shape can rotate and cause distortion.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast Reconstruction Implant Options

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I would agree with that implant size range. Both types of implants have their advantages. A teardrop-shaped implant will be firmer and less mobile than a round, smooth implant. With bilateral implants, which I gather is your situation, I think you can get nice results with either type of implant. Patient satisfaction is high either way, but it is important to fully understand the aesthetic limitations of both choices and to reach an understanding with your surgeon.

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