Should I get round or tear drop implants? (photo)

I am interested in getting breast implants. Heres a few facts about me Im 20 Im 5ft I'm 7 1/2 stone (45 kilograms) Im a 32 A I want my breasts to look and feel natural, so what implant shape would be best for me? Is it possible for me to achieve natural looking breast implants despite my small breast size? and will breast implants look silly on me due to my wide cleavage gap? Thanks, Claudia

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Implant size

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I prefer round implants for cases like yours.  If a B-cup is acceptable to you, a 250cc implant (approximately) would give you a nice boost in size and natural appearance. Good luck.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Recent data suggests that both surgeons and patients can not tell the difference between round and anatomic implants which means the round are more economical long term

Round breast implants will look more natural than teardrop shaped implants

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Thank you for your question. You have very normal looking natural attractive breasts. You can certainly have breast augmentation to increase and improve the fullness of your breasts.

Generally speaking round breast implants have a more natural shape and look then do high profile or teardrop-shaped breast implants.

One advantage of smooth walled round breast implants is that the can move and adjust to the shape of your body whereas teardrop implants have to be placed carefully as they do not adjust much to your body shape.

The round breast implants are designed to mimic the shape of normal breast gland.

Shape of implant

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Thanks for the question. There are pros and cons of each implant and the best solution can be determined after a consultation and conversation.

Dr. Kimberly Henry

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Thank you for your question! Either implant would look nice, depends on what you prefer. When you see a plastic surgeon for a consult, they will advise you of the pros and cons of each one and how they will suit you specifically.

Kimberly A. Henry, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon

Should I get round or tear drop implants? (photo)

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Choice in type and style of implants is a very personal decision and over the internet very hard to advise. My guess would be UHP smooth round...

Your breast shape can do round or tear drop

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Your breast shape could do round or tear drop implants. At age 20 though you are limited to saline implants which do not have the same results as gel implants. You would have to wait until age 22 for gel or the cohesive gel implants in the United States.

The round are less expensive and give more superior fullness.

The teardrop, cohesive gel implants will look more natural. They are more expensive. Studies are starting to show that they may hold the shape of the breast better over time.

The teardrop saline do not have all of the advantages of the cohesive gel teardrop with maintaining shape. The cohesive gel have the lowest rate of wrinkling or rippling especially important in thinner younger patients.The teardrop gel also look the most real, and are the hardest to tell which is a strong concern in my older patients.

Traditionally my younger patients have picked round implants. My older more often teardrop shaped. But with the cohesive gel, I am now more often recommending teardrop cohesive gel as I believe they will look better over a longer period of time.

Your anatomy indicates you can choose either. The cleavage gap may be improved by measuring carefully for a wide enough implant. The other factors that influence cleavage are the width of the breast bone, and the amount of existing breast tissue.

Your age shows you would have to either wait for gel, or do saline implants at this time. You should research and weigh your decision. Your indication to look and feel natural, would convince me to have you wait until age 22 and do a gel implant.

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