Are round or anatomical polyurethane breast implants more suitable for me?

I am 55, capsular contracture on the right side, current implants are textured round saline (180-210cc, sub-glandular, 10.4 cm diameter, 2.7 cm projection). Measurement of chest from centre of collar bone to nipple @ 21 cm, width of natural breast tissue (difficult to say with implants in) but @ 13 cm. I am looking at going up to around a 270-280 cc implant due to the re-position under the muscle... but need advice re projection, diameter and shape.

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Capsular contracture and polyurethane implants


Thanks for the detailed enquiry.

I do see your title is "5th op" and wonder if this is why the polyurethane implants are being considered?

In revision surgery their will be a lot of variable that limit the options a surgeon has and limit what can be achieved.  Most of these will be related to scar tissue and implant pocket placement.  To put it simply revision surgery is complicated, so keeping the procedure simple increases the likelihood of a good outcome.

I suspect the key to this procedure will be removing the saline implant and replacing it with a silicone gel implant.  Each surgeon will have an opinion as to the value and risks of using PU implants, and round vs anatomic.

I suggest a clear discussion with the surgeon as to the likely outcome of the procedure is the key - and keep it simple for maximum predictability

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Are round or shaped implants more suitable for me?

Hi. There are many choices to make with exchange of implants, most of which have advantages and disadvantages.Polyurethane coated implants are an option if you have capsular contracture at present - I presume that you are asking about these to decrease the rate of recurrent capsular contracture. These implants may decrease this risk. Nearly every study shows a lesser rate of capsular contracture under the muscle, and a more natural result, so changing the pocket to submuscular will be beneficial. Going to a silicone implant will also decrease the chance of rippling and other problems, which are much higher after exchange of implants than primary breast augmentation. In terms of shape and profile of implants it depends on the look you want to achieve - the best things is to ask your surgeon to show you photos with similar body frame and similar size implants to the ones you are thinking of to get a realisitic idea of what to expect. I would be happy to see you for a consultation to discuss the issues. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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