Rough Drives, Kissing, and Nudging 1 Month Post Revision Rhinoseptoplasty, Am I Pushing it?

I am 4weeks post-revision rhino/septo,I have thick skin,ethnic.bruising is all gone,but swelling still remains on tip,bump is there(hopefully swelling),My questions are on a rough drive(safari or such)w/a lot of bumps, no direct contact with nose,can it have an effect on outcome.Also,while kissing there was some gentle nudging against nose, not heavy or painful,but i felt it for sure.Istill can't smile properly,so should i try to push it or just keep waiting.Idon'tsee my surgeo for a month,thank

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Post septorhinoplasty tenderness is normal

Tenderness post septorhinoplasty is common especially in this early stage. Driving a car where you have bumps like a safari is fine and will not hurt the overall result. I would not suggest four wheeling or something where you may have direct contact by either yourself or a partner. As far as kissing you will have some sensitivity and this is normal watch any hard pressure to the nose during any activities. Your smile should be coming back to normal soon and hopefully you will be smiling away on a safari, kissing at sunset!! Best regards!

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