Rough, Bumpy Skin Texture After Fraxel Repair

I had lower lid pinch (looks great!) and Fraxel Repair under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I still have very pink skin, but the texture is very bumpy and rough. I can also see "lines or track marks" ..?? I put makeup on for the redness, but it looks awful, due to the rough, bumpy skin! I am waiting for a call back from by certified plastic surgeon that performed the procedure..but..I am very concerned at this point. Help??!!

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Rough, Bumpy Skin Texture After Fraxel Repair; What's a Girl to Do?

Hi MassGirl,

Consult with your treating physician. Usually any rough, bumpy skin texture after Fraxel repair resolves with time. An O2Intraceuticals infusion facial is helpful. In some patients I had treated the area with a Fraxel repair Lite treatment (at the lowest settings of treatment) with improvement of the skin.

Good luck and be well.

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