Mobility in the Implants when I touch my gums not feeling any pain, itching, or anything. What is the reason? (photos)

In 2011 I placed them. In 2015 I felt a very miniscule movement. The mobility was that small that my surgeon could not feel it when I went for control. Now I can feel the movement but I don’t feel anything internally. No pain, no redness, no inflammation, no discomfort, nothing abnormal except the mobility. I can even feel the mobility if I touch my gums. But sill I am wondering why I don’t feel anything in my bones, even not itching!!!!, if the implants is wobbling in the place. see Pic's.

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Mobilty in implants

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Simple answer = mobility in implants is NOT GOOD. Indicates failure. Please seek the care of a specialist. Implant mobility in anterior teeth should be less than 10-100 microns which is the equivalent to 0.0004 inches, or approximately the size of a human hair.... if you can move the implant MORE than that, its a good indication of implant failure.

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