Could you please advise? I have had a uplift and a implant exchange in May 2016. From 400cc to 300cc (Photos)

I feel that they have bottom out , they feel really loose and the cleavage area is just the same as before the lift. Only higher and smaller. I am having revision done this month . The ps says that it's the skin it is so unpredictable that he can't guarantee it won't happen again. But he doesn't tell me what's happen.. Do you think they have bottom out? Can a revision solve or not? Are my expectations unreasonable. My beast feel really loose and the cleavage area still looks the same. Thank u

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Revision for Augmentation Mastopexy?

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You commented that your cleavage is "higher and smaller" than before. "Higher" is better than what you had. "Smaller" makes sense as you now have smaller implants. Cleavage will come from push-up bras. Some descent of the implant is normal with time. Relay your concerns to your plastic surgeon. A revision at a minimum of 6 months after surgery could be considered to get a look closer to the one you want. 

Uplift and implants

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It is hard to judge from only one view, but from what I can see, you do seem to have had a good result...! It is only natural for breasts to become droopy with time and this is more the case as the skin becomes less elastic with aging. 

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