Does Rotating the Tip Give It More Definition?

What exactly does tip rotation consist of in rhinoplasty? Would the tip end up looking more defined and smaller if it was slightly bulbous?

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Does Rotating the Tip Give It More Definition?

No, tip rotation can be achieved without changing the tip shape at all or it can be combined with various tip thinning techniques.  It depends on what the proper aesthetics of nasal/facial beauty dictate be accomplished through Rhinoplasty.  This is why the Rhinoplasty Surgeon, IMHO, must understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty when performing a Rhinoplasty.

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Rotating nasal tip will not create definition

Tip rotation by definition consists of rotating the tip upwards when the tip is droopy.  Rotation of the tip will not make the tip look more defined unless other procedures are performed on the nasal tip cartilages to give more definition.

William Portuese, MD
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Tip Rotation and Definition

Increasing tip rotation means you are rotating the tip upward, shortening the nose and eliminating a hanging tip if necessary. This maneuver will not make the tip smaller or more defined if it is bulbous. That is accomplished by using other techniques which vary depending o the cause of the bulbous contour.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rotate the tip of my nose ?

Tip rotation rotates the nasal tip upward (or downward).  Resection of tip elements diminish tip size, and suture technique, grafts, and other maneuvers improve tip definition.

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Tip rotation of the nose

Tip rotation means exactly that, rotating the tip up or down. Usally it is brought up in most rhinoplasties.  Commonly performed with suture technqiues and minor caudal septal resections.

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Rotation and defining the tip

The difficulty with a question about 'definition' is what this may mean to others. Certainly tip rotation will open the angle of the lip to nose and reduce shadow on the upper lip, and give the appearance of a shorter nose, and give the appearance of a longer upper lip height. Will this 'define' the tip, or is more narrowing needed? The variations are endless, and computer imaging may help you understand what your 'defined' tip should be.

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Rotating the Tip in Rhinoplasty

Rotating the tip does not make it more defined, but it does change its position.  It can elevate the tip or turn it down depending upon your needs. The tip definition is improved with other techniques, but these are not related specifically to tip position.  See a rhinoplasty specialist as this is a complicated surgery.

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Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Rhinoplasty for the bulbous tip, etc.

Rhinoplasty can be done to narrow the tip  with or without rotation. The skill of the surgeon is what you should look for.

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Your request is a bit disjointed. I would recommend you see a qualified surgeon ( board certified ) to sort things out.

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