Permanent Lipstick is Too Dark, Is There a Way to Lighten it?

I had a perm. full lip make up done tree weeks ago but my lips turned out to be a dark purple/blueish instead of pink. Will this fade off? It's been 3 weeks but I don't see any changes to the color. It's still very dark. This is so frustrating and embarassing! Is this some kind of scarring on my lips? I have more lines on my lips than before after getting this perm. lip make up done. Please help. How can I get rid of this dark lips?

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Permanent lip make up

most tattoos will fade but will take a long time. Wait 3 months if it is still darker than what you want consult a Tattoo removal by laser. It MAY soten the colors. It will depend on the type amd make of the pigment.

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