Had Smart Lipo in abdomen/flank 3 days ago. Today increased sweeping and discomfort. Is this normal??

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Swelling and Pain Often Delayed

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Thanks for your question. This sounds like a normal timeline to me. Discomfort and swelling often take a few days to appear after surgery because it takes some time for the effects of anesthesia to fully dissipate. If you notice your symptoms getting significantly worse -- or if they're accompanied by other symptoms, such as a fever -- see your surgeon as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can probably wait until your next follow-up appointment to bring it up with your doctor. If you haven’t tried ice and/or ibuprofen those may help.

This is very normal

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your swelling usually peaks at 72 hours. It will get better and better in general with each passing day. It is not unusual at all for days 2 and 3 to be more sore than the day of surgery.

hang in there. it will be worth it.

david berman md

ps in contrast to the opinion below, i do not believe that you need RF treatments in the post op period. 

SmartLipo Recovery - 3 Days Post Op

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Though most of my patients say the peak of soreness is the first day after surgery, it is not uncommon to have increased pain and swelling 3 days after SmartLipo.  It is important to wear your compression garment continuously during this time even if it is somewhat uncomfortable.  Always consult your surgeon with questions and concerns.

~Dr B

Post Liposuction Irregularities, Swelling -- Try Massage, Velashape or Venus Legacy With Your Compression

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It is normal to be swollen and painful after liposuction.  If you are concerned about this please speak to your physician.  You should be getting lymphatic massage and RF treatments at this time.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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