Could a panniculectomy possibly be covered by insurance if it would be beneficial to my heart?

Diabetic 58 yr old woman. Severe CAD, 3 arteries 100% occluded and another 2 were 75% including a ramus. Obese and psoriatic arthritic . The apron hanging is pulling down my lungs making breathing extremely labored causing insufficient blood flow to my already damaged heart. I have noticed if I lift the apron I breathe freely. Not a candidate for a quadruple bypass and my 1st cardiologist did no interventions. New cardiologist, Dr Schreiber stented the 75% occlusions and may do 1 of the 100%.

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Too ill for this surgery

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You are too ill to have this type of surgery.  You need to re-evaluate your goals and determine whether the surgery is worth the potentially fatal risk.

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