I have a question regarding an orbital fracture surgery I had a couple of years ago. Screw under eye is protruding, and painful.

I had surgery a couple of years back on an orbital fracture. There was in implant put in under my left eye and was screwed in. One of the screws under my eye closest to my nose is now visibly protruding and when I laugh it is extremely painful in that exact area. Don't know if I should contact the surgeon who worked on me to get checked out. It is becoming extremely annoying.

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Needs evaluation

Best to contact your surgeon to have the painful protruding screw removed.See if you can obtain your hospital records, because if you see a new surgeon it is helpful to know the type of screw and plating system that was used.

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Facial fracture hardware

I'm sorry to hear about the problem you are having. Yes, you should definitely contact your surgeon. That metal plate and screw(s) can be removed at this point, and that might help your symptoms. It should be a relatively simple procedure, but may require anesthesia. You can expect some bruising/swelling as well. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
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