Implants starting to ripple, what are my options? (Photos)

I am 5'2" 115lbs and have 440cc HP Sientra implants. I am just over one month post op and have started to notice that my implants are starting to ripple on both sides along my incision. It is a crease incision. My right implant appears to be rippling all the way up the outside of my breast. I am very unhappy and very afraid it is going to get worse and more obvious. What are my options?

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Silicone gel implants, even the Sientra "gummy bears" ripple in about 2% of patients.  Are your implants over or under the muscle?  Converting subglandulars to submuscular positioning can help with the ripples in the cleavage area.  Using an ADM material like Strattice can help in the lower lateral portion, but is expensive.

Gaining weight or doing fat transfer to the thin areas of the breast could also potentially help.

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Rippling when bent over at the waist will occur in almost everyone

and more so when you have thin tissues.  If your rippling is reasonable when upright, I would worry about this less.  But you asked about options... so you can go for the super cohesive smooth round implant but that still produces the traction ripples you see when bent over.  You could have acellular dermal matrices added to the inside to make the tissue thicker at considerable costs and risks as well.  Finally, you could change this out for a shaped, textured implant but if it doesn't heal perfectly, problems will surface requiring more surgery.  If you are only bad when bent over, focus on how most people see you and that is sitting up.  And consider doing nothing if this is your only concern... its the cheapest, risk free, and the sure thing.

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Options for rippling implants

With most types of implants, it is normal to have some rippling along the sides of the breasts, where the tissue coverage is thin because there is no muscle coverage available. High profile implants tend to ripple more than moderate profile. Form stable implants ripple the least, but they are not for everyone. Once you have rippling. options include fat grafting, or an internal bra with Strattice or Galaflex.

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