Can an allergic reaction to metal be responsible for a severe soar throat after receiving denture implants?

Around 6 months ago I went to Mexico to have a set of dentures made . I had bone grafts and Reconstruction work done in order for my snaps to be put in to my jaw bones so my newly made dentures would fit and stay locked into my mouth . I am a Kaiser patient so I have been seen by 4 doctors , a lot of tests have been taken , different medications prescribe with the hope of helping me cope with the on going pain ! No answer has been found !

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Sore Throat after implants and new denture

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Chances are that the implants are not the source of your pain.  Usually, when a patient complains of a sore throat after a new denture is inserted, the disto-lingual border of the mandibular (lower) denture is overextended.  The good news is that a simple adjustment to your denture should solve the problem.  Find a good local dentist or prosthodontist to evaluate this for you.  Good luck!

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