What surgery would you recommend and would having the skin removed be medically necessary considering my health?

I have lost 110 lbs. With all the weight on my abdomen it has caused me breathing problems. I also get raw sores under the folds that are prone to infection. In 1996 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3B. I had my Spleen removed. In total, to date my abdomen has been cut open 5 times. My muscles are damaged and stretched out and my skin has an 18 inch scar. I also had my right upper lobe removed in 2001 due to tumors. I have premature exhaustion/fatigue of the lung.

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A tummy tuck could be a good option for you

By making an incision in the lower part of your abdomen, it is then possible to tighten the skin that is causing you trouble. Please consult with a specialist plastic surgeon to see what your best options will be. It is difficult to make a full diagnosis without an in person examination. Best of luck to you.

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