Rosacea Medication OK to Continue During Laser Treatments?

Can I take Minocycline (100 mg day) to prevent breakouts from rosacea while I get Fraxel Restore (3x), and Laser Genesis (2x), or should I hold off? Thanks to and all the doctors who contribute!

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A drug "holiday" prior to a laser treatment is recommended

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First of all, you should discuss this with your treating physician.

In our practice we review with our patients their medications and advise them what to stop prior to a laser skin resurfacing procedure or any procedure which is going to create an open wound. Depending upon the drug, this may range between 7-14 days. Additionally, there is a period of time during the healing phase, typically 7-14 days, when you should cease taking the drug or medication as well…this is what we refer to as a drug holiday. The bottom line is that you need to discuss this further with your treating physician. I agree with Dr. Haney that medications such as Minocycline are considered photosensitizing, which magnifies the effects of the sun.

Stephen A. Goldstein, MD

Englewood Plastic Surgeon

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