Is This Rosacea on my Nose?

I'm trying to figure out exactly what my conditions are on the corner of my nose and the redness on my nose. My current dermatalogist never really determined my condition correctly, but prescribed me metro-gel, benaclyin and hydrocortisone cream for the corner of my nose. I feel like the medication have made my condition worse rather than improve it. What are my surgical and other options to improve my condition? Please help and thank you in advance.

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Appears Infectious

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It appears to me from your photo to be more of a follliculitis than Rosacea. Since Tetracycline is frequently used to treat Rosacea anyway, I see no reason not to have you use this medication.

However, I am not your dermatologist. Your dermatologist knows your medical history and can visualize the area better than I can.

I would return to the your dermatologist.

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