I have Rosacea, how can I make my skin less sensitive? Would laser treatments help?

Hello! How can I make my skin less sensitive? I have rosacea 2 months already and anything I put on it makes it more irritated even with finacea and metrogel. My skin never was that sensitive. would IPL , v - bem or Yag help my skin to be less irritated? thanks a lot

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Rosacea! Help!

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The redness of Rosacea can be very disconcerting especially in its more advanced forms. Some people have mild Rosacea (flush easily, some pinkness in cheeks) while others have an aggressive acne-like dermatitis involving much of the face. Treatment depends on severity. We use a combination of lasers and intense pulsed light treatments designed to reduce unwanted vessels plus topical skin serums designed to reduce inflammation and out breaks.  Rosacea can be very difficult to control and requires patience and perseverance. But there is hope! 

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Topical and oral treatments

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By sensitive do you mean periodic red bumps and flushing? If yes, then certain medications both topical and oral can help alleviate your symptoms but only for the period of time you take them. Vascular lasers such as the Vbeam laser are very effective in reducing the back erythema and fine blood vessels that tend to pop up.

Rosacea Treatment Options

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I suggest seeing a cosmetic dermatologist and getting either PDL or Excel V laser treatments.  I would avoid IPL treatments as it can make your skin more sensitive and seems to have more risk of complications long term.  Mirvaso gel can help relieve some of your symptoms as well as oral doxycycline/minocycline, but they are not permanent solutions.  Laser is the best option for symptoms and redness. I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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