Root Canal Extraction of Maxillary 2nd Molar W/severe Bone Loss. Is There Hope for Implant?

My root canal has been infected - For years my old dentist couldn't see anything with x-ray & dismissed by telling me to take Advil. Cap recently fell off, found new dentist, got me on antibiotic, got a temp, but face began to swell. I was sent to second doctor who uses the Picasso Trio Dental CBCT. He found dramatic bone loss, some areas that there is no bone at all! I was put on very high dose antibiotic. Should I be worried, will this be a difficult root canal extraction? Feedback appreciated

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Infected tooth, failed root canal

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The tooth should be extracred as soon as possible. The site could be bone grafted and prepared for future implant 

depending on the extent of bone loss/ extent of bone graft/ type of bone graft, the site should be re evaluated in 4-6 months using a CBCT scan for available height and width of bone for an implant.  Also to see if additional bone grafting / sinus grafting needed 

This way you will know if you could have an implant/ what size.....

Bone grafting will help also for preserving the bone that is shared between this tooth and adjacent tooth. So it is useful even if no implant is planned. 



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Bone loss and dental implant

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The extraction itself probably will not be too difficult unless the tooth has fused to the bone. As far as bone loss there are a lot of newer bone graft techniques (emdogain has garnered some wonderful results) which can give a good supporting bone platform for dental implants. I do not know areas or level of your bone but i would go see a periodontist regarding a bone grafting procedure and then eventually dental implant.

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