Is Root Canal Treatment RCT always better than no treatment to a painless dead nerve tooth?

First, is a tooth with root canal no more dead or less vital than is a tooth with a dead nerve?  Yes or No?  ----  A simple ice cube test after irreversible pulpitis shows the tooth unresponsive to cold. So I wish to clarify that all the bad press about leaving a dead object with anaerobic bacteria mutating inside the tooth APPLIES EQUALLY TO A DEAD NERVE TOOTH AS TO A TOOTH AFTER RCT?  Yes or No?    Second, if there is MERELY A CHANCE of later focal infection by not treating a dead tooth with RCT, then isn't taking no action but dental check-ups every 3 or 4 months a valid option?    I don't know the odds of infection (tooth #20 photo attached).  Dental school doesn't seem to teach it.  Seems similar to how cancer doctors know nothing of how nutrition affects prevention/cure of cancer, as too outside there narrow field.

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Dead tooth verses root canaled tooth?

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Just because the nerve in the tooth may be dead doesn't mean you need a root canal the correct answer is are you having any signs or symptoms of infection from a clinical point of view or radiographic if not and your happy with appearance of the tooth I would leave alone, if your not happy with appearance and considering a crown I would suggest doing the root canal first and then the crown. good luck


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