Do You Think a Root Canal is Proper Treatment for a Cracked Tooth?

Some how I cracked my tooth and the dentist is suggesting a root canal. I'm a ice chewer and I do think this is how I cracked my tooth. Its tooth #13 and very sensative to cold and hot foods. Please give me your input on this root canal.

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Root canal for cracked tooth

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From your description it sounds like a root canal and crown is the minimum treatment that you would require.  Be aware that sometimes the crack extends further below the gumline and bone and requires and extraction and replacement with an implant or bridge. 

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Root Canal for a Cracked Tooth #13

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Depending on how far below the gumline the crack extends vertically, you might even require an extraction, rather than a root canal.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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I think you need it.

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That sensitivity is a sign that you definitely need a root canal. Unfortunately, if you do not do it soon, it could turn into pain sooner or later. So I suggest you make it as soon soon as you can.

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