Root Canal in Two Front Teeth That Are Worn Out, Will Insurance Pay if I Were to Get Veneers on Them?

Root canal therapy was done on my two front teeth about two years ago, and now they are worn out and very thin. The teeth have shrunk in size and look horrible when i smile. Would the insurance company cover to get them fixed, or pay for veneers. i do not have dental insurance at the moment, but I am planing on getting it, only if they will cover some of the cost.

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Will insurance covers crown for teeth with Root canal

It is standard in most cases for insurance to cover a portion of the crowns for teeth that have root canals done.  I would consult with your company and check the benefits that are available to you. 

Philadelphia Dentist
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Usually, yes

When a tooth has had a root canal, over time, they become brittle and are more prone to chipping and breaking.  For these teeth we usually recommend crowns (more protection compared to veneers).  Most insurance companies will cover (usually at 50%) of the fees for crowns.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Insurance Will Usually Pay for Veneers on RCT Teeth

The 2 front teeth that had Root Canal, might actually need full coverage porcelain Crowns, rather than Veneers. YES, dental insurance will usually cover the Venner or Crown after RCT.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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