I had otoplasty 4 days ago and after taking my bandage off I am worried that there seems to be abnormal swelling? (Photos)

had otoplasty 4 days ago I removed the bandage to put the headband on and I see that I had a lot of swelling on the inside of my ear I don't know the correct term for it. I'm on antibiotics but can't help but feel worried that this swelling looks abnormal. Judging by the photos is there any advice you can give me. It's been 4 days now and i know there is meant to be swelling but is it suppose to be this swollen?

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Ear swelling

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It looks like the swelling is normal for 4 days.  Your surgeon needs to examine you (as I am sure he/she is doing) to make sure you do not have a hematoma, or blood collection beneath the skin (like a "wrestlers ear").  It does not look like that to me but the pictures are not adequate to determine that so ask your surgeon.  Good luck. It looks like you will have a great result.

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