Hollywood smile - advice required. (photos)

I am would like to improve my smile significantly (i.e. Hollywood) with particular view to improving the whiteness. I have consulted a few dentists online and have had mixed views on what treatment is needed. Some have said just tooth whitening, others have said 8-10 veneers on uppers, through to crowns (as I grind) to 20 crowns for both upper/lower. I have had professional whitening before (Enlighten) which helped a bit but not to the colour I want. Any advice welcomed?

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Hollywood Smile Advice

For the white "Hollywood Smile" that you desire,  porcelain veneers would give you the result you want with much less removal of tooth structure than is required to do crowns.  Another alternative that would not require any removal of tooth structure would be cosmetic direct resin bonding.  This would not be as stain resistant as porcelain veneers, but would be less expensive and can be done in 1 visit. At our consultations, we place a smile preview veneer on the patient's tooth, so they can decide on color and  see if they like the shape of the veneer on their tooth.  I noticed that you have wear on your right lateral incisor(next to your front teeth).  This is an indication that you grind your teeth.  Your bite will need to be checked carefully, and if porcelain veneers or cosmetic direct resin veneers are placed, you should have a professionally made nighguard to protect your veneers from the destructive forces of grinding at night.

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Hollywood Smile Makeover

Hi:If you really desire whiter brighter smile that lasts, porcelain veneer is the best solution.  Usually in order to cover the smile with whiter teeth up to 10 upper and lower teeth would be required but it really depends on each person's smile.  In your case 8 to 10 upper teeth not only will get you a whiter smile but also closes the gap in between your front teeth and build out the side teeth a littler bit farther out in order for you to have a wider smile.  On the lower you can do whitening to start or also do at least 8 porcelain veneers.  I definitely would not recommend crowns.Best,Dr. Maddahi

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Smile Makeover

Definitely visit one or several cosmetic dentists for consultation. It is difficult to give a fair consult from a few photos. It is important to hear more about your goals and assess in person. If you are seeking a brighter more dramatic change then veneers would be a good option for you. Most dentists you visit today can do a "mock-up" or a "trial smile" where they can show you exactly what your smile would look like with veneers. This gives you an amazing visual and takes a lot of guess work out of what would make you happy. My recommendation is to go in for a consultation and see if the dentist can do a mockup for you in your mouth. Good luck!

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It is best to visit dentist you are considering in person

You will get a number of different answers if you are consulting online.  It is best to visit with a dentist that has a reputation for cosmetic excellence and discuss your goals, budget, etc.  Just looking at your photos, I would say you should consider 1st teeth straightening (Invisalign) to improve tooth position, whitening, THEN veneers/crowns.  If you want to get crazy, you could even consider surgery to change the amount of upper jaw displayed when smiling.  You need to find someone that you can speak with in person so they can help assess your needs and goals to point you in the right direction,

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