Brazilian butt lift for 113 pound 18 year old? Weight gain needed?

I've gone for a consultantion and the doctor told me i need to gain 10-15 pounds, i am willing to do so, problem is i've been reading a lot about how gaining weight just to put it in the bum will do no justice, something about you don't grow fat cells, they just get larger, so with that being said, they wouldnt stick well and the surgery wouldnt have much out come. is this true? i dont want to gain weight if the surgery wouldnt be much of a success.

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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. Your research is right on! Although I can appreciate the suggestion to gain weight, this is actually what you do not want to do. A simple analogy of a fat cell is to imagine a balloon. When you blow it up, there will be a certain size that the baloon will achieve. If you continue the blow the balloon up, it becomes larger. Fat cells are similar to this in that when you gain weight, they become larger. This is completely different than increasing the number of fat cells that are available; indeed it would be better to have 100 small cells than ten big ones because when fat is transferred you also take the stuff that's in them that is absorbed by the body and are left with the actual cell itself. Patients who have more weight tend to have fewer numbers of actual cells that are transferred which can actually compromise their long-term result by causing the body to absorb more volume overtime. I would encourage you to stay close to your ideal body weight as this would likely allow you to have the most reproducible long-term results. I would also encourage you to seek out a consultation by a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in the many aspects of fat transfer as this can be very technique dependent as well. Please see the extensive web page on my site through the link below on the concepts of fat transfer. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit.

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Brazilian butt lift for 113 pound 18 year old? Weight gain needed?

I have had a number of patients who did not have adequate donor fat  for the BBL and were asked to gain 15-20 lbs weight. Almost all of these became candidates for the BBL. You can lose weight afterwards without ny real impact on the buttocks. In fact, some studies have shown that if you gain weight the fat cells will enlarge but if you lose weight there is not real effect on the buttocks. You need to consult with a PS with extensive experience doing the BBL procedure. Good luck!

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Thank you for your question.

You would not be considered a good candidate for a BBL then. I do not recommend patients gaining weight for this procedure. You should maintain a stable weight for at least 3-6 months prior to having the procedure done to obtain optimal results. If your weight fluctuates too much pre or post operatively, this can affect your results. If you do not have enough fat to achieve your cosmetic goals, I would consider buttock implants or the combination of fat grafting and buttock implants to achieve your goals. Best of luck!
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