Do you think its likely I have to do refinement trays because I did not wear my original trays long enough each day?

Hi Doctors, here's my story: I'm 25 y old. I finished my invisalign first run of 22 trays (U+L). I wore them from minimum 12 hours to max 23 hours per day, depending on days. 16-18 hrs average. THEY ALWAYS FIT. Now, I have 20 trays more for refinement and I think it's quite a lot! Here're my questions: -is the huge number of refinements due to my non-compliace with the scheduled 22hours per day? (even if trays 've always fit) ? - do you think I'm likely to get a second set of refinements? thank you!

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Quite a bit of refinement trays....

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Hello there,
I received your message and wanted to offer my opinion.  It's possible that wearing the tray for only 66% of the time (or 16 out of 24 hours) contributed to the reason for needing a 21 tray refinement, but if they always fit and never really hurt, it is more likely that you would have needed refinements no matter what.  Most patients don't realize that Invisalign does not work exactly right, 100% of the time.  This is because some people have stronger (or higher density) bones that make their teeth more stable and more resistant to movement.  This means that your Invisalign doctor can do everything right and the Invisalign company can do everything right in making your trays, but if your teeth are more resistant to movement than most other people, then you will still see slower results.  I see this phenomena occur in about 10% of my patients. These patients can typically take an average of 50-70% longer than normal to complete their Invisalign if I don't take it upon myself to adjust their teeth.  I can typically see that a patient's teeth are not moving fast enough, so I will either make mid-course corrections by contacting Invisalign and/or IPR (inter proximal reductions) to help prevent a major refinement case.  Ultimately, your doctor tries to make the decision that benefits you best.  With this said, it is very important to keep your aligners on for 22-23 hours per day to prevent your refinement from being even longer.
Good luck with everything.

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